What Does a Lavender Pomeranian Look?

Imagine a soft cloud with a shimmering coat like a field of lavender bathed in dawn’s soft glow. That’s the magic of a Lavender Pomeranian! These precious pups boast a coat unlike any other, and their captivating charm has stolen the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. But before you dive headfirst into the world of lavender coats, let’s solve the secret behind their interesting look.

A Coat Kissed by Lavender Mist:

Imagine a luxurious double coat, not quite grey, not quite pink, but shimmering with a hint of lilac magic. That’s the signature fur of a Pomeranian. Think of a field of lavender in bloom, bathed in the soft glow of dawn- that’s the essence captured in their fur. The dye can vary, ranging from a dusty mauve to a tale of light lilac, often with subtle hints of chocolate or cream looking through.

But Wait, There’s More!

No two Lavender Pom are exactly alike, adding to their mystique. Some pups flaunt solid coats, while others sport charming sable markings or even delicate merle patterns. Their eyes, often amber or dark brown, sparkle with intelligence and mischief, making them even more irresistible. And don’t forget the signature Pomeranian “mane”- a fluffy halo of fur framing their adorable faces.

Think you have found your furry soulmate?

Remember, Lavender Poms are rare gems, so finding one might take some patience and dedicated searching. But trust us, the wait will be worth it! These fluffy tempters will fill your life with endless cuddles, playful antics, and sufficient love to melt your heart. So, keep your eyes peeled for that magical cloud of lavender fur- you might just find your forever friend waiting within.

Lavender Pomeranians
Lavender Pomeranians

Key Features of a Lavender Pomeranian:

  • Coat: Silvery pink, ranging from pale lilac to mauve with hints of chocolate or cream. Can be solid, sable, or merle patterned.
  • Eyes: Amber or dark brown, sparkling with intelligence and mischief.
  • Other features: Fluffy “mane” of fur around the face, typical Pomeranian double coat.

Are Lavender Pomeranians Rare Dogs?

Absolutely! Lavender Pomeranians are indeed one of the rarest Pomeranian colors. Their unique coat is the result of two recessive genes, making them much less common than their orange, black, or white counterparts.

Here’s why Lavender Poms are so rare:

  • Genetics: Their coat color is due to two recessive genes, meaning both parents must carry the genes for a puppy to be born lavender. This happens much less frequently than with dominant genes, leading to the rarity of this color.
  • Breeding challenges: Even when both parents carry the genes, not all puppies will be lavender. Some litters may only have one or two lavender pups, making them even more precious.
  • High demand: Pomeranians are highly sought-after by dog lovers due to their stunning appearance and rarity. This further increases their price and exclusivity.

How rare are they exactly?

It is difficult to say precisely how many Pomeranians exist worldwide, but they are undoubtedly a rare breed. Some estimates suggest that they make up less than 1% of all Pomeranians.

So, if you are lucky enough to encounter a Lavender consider yourself graced by the presence of a true canine rarity!

Is the Lavender Pomeranian dog an admitted breed?

Don’t be fooled by the fluff: Lavender Pomeranians aren’t official breeds (yet!)

Those dreamy Lavenders, with their lilac coats and foxy grins, might steal your heart, but hold on- they are not recognized as official breeds by major kennel clubs like the AKC or FCI. Think of them as charming rebels, rocking a rare and mesmerizing look that’s not quite in the rulebook (yet!). So, while they may not have pedigrees, their playful personalities and unique fur are sure to turn heads- and maybe melt some hearts- anyway.

How do you buy a Lavender Pomeranian Dog?

To get a Lavender Pomeranian, you typically have a few options:

  1. Patience, grasshopper: These cuties are rarer than a polka-dotted giraffe, so finding a reputable breeder who prioritizes health and ethical breeding is key. Brace yourself for waiting lists- the quest for lavender love takes time.
  2. Do your detective work: Research, research, research! Check breeder websites, social media, and dog clubs for verified, responsible breeders. Ask for health clearances, and puppy parent information, and avoid backyard breeders like the plague.
  3. Prepare to shell out the big bucks: Lavender Poms aren’t your average mutts. Their rarity bumps up the price tag, often ranging from a cool grand to several thousand. Think designer dog, not dollar store deal.
  4. Get ready to shower with love (and probably lavender lint): Once your furry lavender dream arrives, prepare for endless snuggles, playful zoomies, and enough shed fur to knit a sweater for a yeti. But hey, with a coat that shimmers like moonlight on petals, it’s a small price to pay, right?

How much is the price of a Lavender Pom Dog?

These rare looks can cost a pretty penny, with prices typically ranging from $3,500- $8,000 in approx. Be prepared to open your wallet for these pups, but remember, you are not just buying a dog- you are welcoming a silky lavender cloud of endless cuddles and playful charm into your life. Think of it as a buy-in cuteness overload!

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Lavender Pomeranians are unlike any other dog, with their shimmering coats reminiscent of a field bathed in dawn’s soft glow. These rare pups boast unique fur ranging from dusty mauve to pale lilac, often accented with subtle hints of chocolate or cream. No two are exactly alike, some sporting solid coats while others flaunt charming sable markings or delicate merle patterns. Their captivating charm is further enhanced by sparkling amber or dark brown eyes and a signature fluffy “mane” framing their adorable faces.

Finding a Lavender Pom is no easy feat, as their rarity is due to two recessive genes making them much less common than their orange, black, or white counterparts. Estimates suggest they make up less than 1% of all Pomeranians! This exclusivity comes at a price, with these pups typically costing between $3,500 to $8,000 in approx.

While they may not be officially recognized breeds by major kennel clubs, their playful personalities and mesmerizing fur are sure to turn heads and melt hearts. If you are lucky enough to encounter one, consider yourself graced by the presence of a true canine rarity! Just be prepared to open your wallet and shower it with love.

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